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Hiking & Mountain Biking

Our guests are welcome to wander or bike around the vast and scenic farmlands and mountains. 

An opportunity to marvel at the wide-open spaces from the crest of the Talbot mountains at noon,  or watch zebras at play, to the sound of glistening mountain streams meandering over rocks and pebbled pools. 

Take in the fragrance of wild flowers during the course of a leisurely stroll or a brisk hike. Breathe in the fresh scented air after a dazzling afternoon thunderstorm, when lightning illuminates the escarpment. 


Round off the experience by pre-ordering your scrumptious picnic basket filled with our delicious farm produce and enjoy one of many secluded spots to spend an unforgettable moment.


Fly Fishing

Talbot Trout Farm has built a reputation around still water trout fishing and practise catch and release.

Our nine dams are well-stocked with trophy sized rainbow and brown trout. Our Guests can enjoy exclusive fishing without day-visitors.  Crystal clear fountains leading through streams to weirs and dams creating the perfect environment for fantastic fly fishing. 

By prior arrangement, fish may be caught for the purposes of retaining them and we will be happy to smoke and package your fish to take back home. Please note that the smoking of trout takes at least 48 hrs for the perfect result. Fish will be charged for by live-weight.

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Due to our altitude and unique environment of the South African Highveld, Talbot Tour Farm is a prime spot for birding. 

Just a few of the species you might encounter on your visit: Blue Crane, Cape Vultures, African Fish Eagle, Southern Bald Ibis, White-winged Flufftail, Cape Eagle-Owl, Buff-streaked Chat.

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